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J. Hathaway, CM. at Standing Rock Studios

J. Hathaway, CM. is all about building something quite different, namely the organizational capacity of not-for-profit, cultural and philanthropic organizations. Since 1987, we've specialized in working long and near term with organizations of all sizes to help them develop and manage the resources they need to turn their vision into reality. Our work is grounded, focused and designed to produce tangible, bottom-line outcomes.

Is your organization in transition?

We also specialize in providing interim executive management for organizations in transition. Past interim assignments include Vice President for Institutional Advancement, Vice President of Development, Director of Marketing, Communication Director, Creative Director and Special Counsel to the President.

Ordinary Magic

Ordinary Magic, an organizational advancement resource for non profits since 1993, became a subsidiary of J. Hathaway, CM. in 2011. Our combined resources can help make your organization's preferred future a reality.

Our Services

Research: Donor Research, Feasibility Studies, Market Research, Needs Assessments
Resource Development: Marketing, Fundraising, Campaign Management
Planning: Strategic & Business Plans,Program Development
Interm Executive Management
Branding, Image & Identity: Message Development, Creative Direction, Advertising
Public Awareness

If we can help build your organizational capacity, please give us a call at 207.677.6422 or 303.882.0938, or email me at

A Few of the Folks We've Worked For

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