Standing Rock Studios
Sculpture, Fine Woodworking & Other Interesting Pursuits
We build things by hand. Furniture, books, ideas, amusements.  We are artists with an eye to the practical, writers with a sense of wonder. This is what we do to re-charge.  In the time between, we work with not-for-profit and cultural orgnizations to help them build capacity and manage their resources and communication more effectively.  For more about that than you'd ever want to know, go to J. Hathaway, CM.

For more about the fun we're having, check out the Gallery, which isn't quite ready for prime time.  Until it is you can always reach us at 207.677.6422, 303.882.0938 or  

Oh, and we love handmade things so snail mail (remember thick creamy paper, fountain pens and ink?) is always appreciated.
PO Box 435, New Harbor, ME 04554.

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